The services of a guide/instructor

Equipment rental
Mobiba stationary tent

The price of individual programs as well as mountaineering and tourist activities, children’s camps, reception of organised groups of athletes (skyrunning, ski tour, freeride etc) is established by agreement.

Aktru region, and Altai in general have a tremendous number of natural attractions. Here you will see waterfalls, lakes, relict forests, glaciers and of course summits of the mountains!

Aktru Alpinist camp is one of the oldest in Russia and the oldest in the Altai region, the camp was opened in 1938.

It has a well-developed infrastructure: a tent camp, a dining room, showers, a bathhouse, a cafe, and also an emergency camp is based on the territory.

Type of program: Mountain climbing school

Price per person: For a group of 3-5 people: 35 000 rubles, for a group of 5-10 people 30,000 rubles.

Region: Russia ” Altai

Insurance: US$ 5000 (mountain climbing, the height of 4000 meters)

When: All year round. From 01 April to 31 December 2016. Willingness to accept groups from 3 people.


DAY 1.

Meeting of participants at the airport of Novosibirsk. Transfer: Novosibirsk — the settlement of Aktash, Altai Republic

DAY 2.

The road to the alpinist camp Aktru. Accommodation.

DAY 3.

An overview of the area. Access to the Small Aktru glacier. Training in mountaineering skills.

DAY 4.

Exit to Blue lake glacier Big Aktru (the height of 2840m).

DAY 5.

Acclimatisation ascent to the pass Uchitel (3000m height).

DAY 6.

Climbing to the top of the Dome of Three Lakes, 1B difficulty category (height 3550m).

DAY 7.

Day of rest. Bathhouse.

DAY 8.

Exit to the Blue lake glacier Big Aktru. Overnight in tents (height 2840m).

DAY 9.

Climbing to the top of Aktru. 2A-3A difficulty category (height 4044m).

DAY 10.

Day of rest. Bathhouse.

DAY 11.

Descent from the camp “Aktru”. Transfer: settlement of Aktash,  Altai Republic — the city of Novosibirsk.

The price includes:

Transfer Novosibirsk — camp “Aktru” — Novosibirsk

Accommodation in 2 and 4-bed rooms with heating.

Meals 3 times a day, a dry ration for climbing.

Work of the guide (instructor) – Sokolov G. A., Makarov O. N.

Compulsory insurance, with a guarantee of evacuation by helicopter.

Group equipment (rope, ice screws, GPS, walkie-talkies)

Bath (2 times)


Price does not include:

Air flight to Novosibirsk.

Improving living conditions: VIP-house – for 5 people (toilet, shower, sink, kitchen, gas stove, refrigerator, dishes). Cost – 10 000 rubles per day.

Individual guide-instructor: for 1-2 people- 4 000 rubles per day.

Services of bath and laundry

Cafe-bar (tea, coffee, drinks, chocolate, cakes, alcoholic drinks)

Rental of personal climbing equipment


Participants will be trained according to the program of FAR NP-1:

– ice classes;

– rock lessons;

– crossing;

– first aid in emergencies.

They will climb to the top of the Dome of Three Lakes and receive a certificate and a badge “Alpinist of Russia”.

Additionally, can have an “Alpinist book” (300r.) and make a mark on the passed training programs, tests on practical exercises and all the summits reached during the program.

All participants will be prepared for more difficult climbing on the 3rd and 2nd category of mountaineering.

On the calendar programs in May, August and November you will be able to enter further training program NP-2.