About the camp

A ktru alpinist camp is located in the trough valley at the foot of Aktru glaciers of the North Chuya ridge at an altitude of 2150 m above sea level.

Not far from the camp there is a relic cedar forest (age of trees more than 600 years), many waterfalls, lakes, unique plants. Here you will feel the real big mountains, with glaciers (ice thickness up to 200 meters), snow-white peaks (height above 4 000 meters) and Alpine meadows.

There are five glaciers in the Aktru mountain basin: Small Aktru, Big Aktru, Waterfall, Kyzyl-Tash, Karatash. The lowest of them is the Small Aktru glacier.

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T he height of the end of the glacier is 2220 m above sea level. The main glacier, Big Aktru has an area of 10 sq km. This glacier is divided into Right and Left Aktru. Its ice thickness in some places is about 360 m, which is the maximum in Altai. The highest points of the area are: Maashey-Bash ( 4177,7 m) and Aktru-Bash (4044,4 m). This is one of the centers of mountaineering in Altai, where routes from the 1st, the simplest to the 6th, the highest category of complexity are concentrated.

Aktru alpinist camp is the oldest in the Altai. It has been working in the valley of Aktru since 1938. Today it is a year-round mountaineering base, where everyone can not only spend some time, but also take a course of mountaineering training programs: NP-1,2, SP and SS, participate in training modules such as Avalanche training, Search and rescue operations in small group, Mountain rescue, as well as to be trained in the Central school of instructors.

T he camp is working on the basis of Tomsk state University and has a well-developed infrastructure: heated houses, cottages, a canteen, a cozy cafe with soft drinks, showers, a bathhouse, power supply (220 V), radio and mobile networks Beeline, Megafon and MTS, Wi-Fi. Mountaineering camp is equipped with places to practice: training rocks, lecture room for theoretical classes, library. During the events there is always a doctor working on the base.

T here is also an equipped place for physical culture – a sports ground for volleyball. In summer a lot of tourists come, so there may not be available houses, but there are always prepared places for tents. Keep this in mind and book accommodation in advance.

In summer it is possible to get to the camp only by a prepared sport utility vehicle. There will be many fords across the streams on the way. The depth of fords strongly depends on the time of day. Since morning fords have the minimum depth and do not represent difficulties. By the evening the water becomes much more and some fords can be difficult to pass. So count on getting there and back in the morning! On the SUV you can get to “Perevalka”, leave the car there in a guarded parking and walk from there to the camp 7 km (3-5 hours up and 2-3 hours back) or hire a special car from Kurai (ZIL 131 or UAZ).

All roads to the Altai mountains go through the city of Biysk, so the description will be from this city. The route is as follows: Biysk → Srostki → Maima → Manzherok → Ust-Sema → Shebalino → Seminsky pass → Ongudai → Inya → Aktash → Kurai → Perevalka → Aktru alpinist camp