VIP houses


Meals in the Aktru alpinist camp are provided in a comfortable dining room equipped for 80 people, meals are prepared by two professional chefs. Foodstuff (meat, chicken, eggs) are of natural origin purchased from Altai local farms. Сheese and butter are brought from Cherginskaya factory.

The alimentation in the camp is 3 meals a day. Those who go climbing are provided with packed lunch. The cost for the season 2020-2021 years – 1200 rubles per day. You also may eat separately — Breakfast — 300 rubles, Lunch — 500 rubles, Dinner — 400 rubles. If necessary our chefs can prepare various kinds of food – vegetable, muslim, kosher, vegetarian, — request meals to be booked in advance.

In summer, there is also a cafe for 30 seats, where you can find a variety of pastries (rolls, pancakes) a large selection of herbal teas, coffee beans, soft drinks, dry wines, chocolate, Wi-Fi.