New year's mountaineering camp:

Transfer Kurai-Aktru
November championship

FAIS NSO traditionally organises New year’s mountaineering camp in Aktru. We invite everyone to spend these holidays actively. Climbers will improve their skills and have a good time.

time    When:

28 December 2019 – 08 January 2020

The departure of the bus from Novosibirsk at 20: 00 h 28.12.2019 from Spartak street 8/6, center “Zenit”(near the bus station)

Return to Novosibirsk 08.01.2020 at 08.00.

value    Price: 

 29 000 rubles per person.

For the members of FAIS NSO – 26 000 rubles.

The price includes:
  • Transfer Novosibirsk-Aktru-Novosibirsk
  • Accommodation in warm houses
  • Meals in the dining room-3 times (a dry ration for climbing)
  • Training programs: NP-1, NP-2, SP
  • Instructor’s support and accompany on the trails
  • Festive table
The price does not include:
  • Food on the road
  • Rental of personal and public equipment
  • Bath 8-10 people – 1500 rubles per hour
  • Insurance in the amount of $ 35,000 (mountaineering)

As part of the event, climbers will be trained according to the program of HEADLIGHTS (UIAA) according to the stages of improvement.

All instructors underwent training in CSI (program UIAA)

The training event consists of 3 training programs:

1. Rescue operations in difficult mountain terrain in a small group (teacher – instructor of the 2nd category in mountaineering, MS Sergeev V. P.; S. K. Volichenko — MS instructor 2 category)

2. Features of movement on the ice relief and the technique of using the tool “Ice  fifi” (instructor of the 2nd category of mountaineering Makarov O. N.)

3. Educational and methodical process according to the stage of improvement

instructors  Our instructors:

Makarov Oleg Nikolaevich

Senior trainer - the head of the camp

Candidate master of sports in mountaineering, instructor-methodologist of the 2 category in mountaineering, climbing judge of all-Russian category.

Volichenko Sergey Konstantinovich

Responsible for security

Master of sports, instructor-methodist 2 category, trainer of the Central school of instructors (Irkutsk)

Pintusov Anton Nikolaevich

Отделение НП-1

1 sports category in mountaineering, instructor-methodist of the 3 category

Karlin Sergey Fedorovich

Отделение НП-1

1 sports category in mountaineering, instructor-methodist of the 3 category

As the departments are formed, the number of instructors will be increased.

For those who just love the mountains or for the first time wants to see the greatness of the nature of a unique mountain region, and wants to pass New year’s holidays actively and fun we organise day trips to the Blue lake, to the Teacher pass, Small and Big Aktru glaciers and evening entertainment.

It is possible to join the event anytime.

caution    Contact us: 

+7961-229-29-29 ,+7913-475-61-69 — Oleg Makarov

+7903-999-27-07 — Natalia Sulzhenko

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