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Сlimbing classes on May holidays

Dear colleagues! Unfortunately nowadays very little attention is paid to the initial basic techniques of movement in various types of terrain. This is due to the lack of places and time for the training process during the annual training, where most of the time is given to the ascents themselves, and due to a number of other objective indicators.

The result is disappointing. Participants reach the 2nd, and even to the 1st category of mountaineering, not being able to move properly on snow and ice.

Our training module is created specifically for setting of basic techniques and then for their further improvement.

This training course would be useful not only to climbers, but also to everyone who maintains an active lifestyle, likes to spend time in the mountains, as well as to sportsmen involved in skiing and snowboarding.

All of our instructors were trained in the Central school of the FAR for trainers (UIAA).

time When:

From February 28 to March 10, 2019

Where: Republic of Altai, the North Chuya ridge, the valley of Aktru, alpinist camp Aktru.

value Price:

26 000 rubles

For the members of  FAIS NSO – 23 500 rubles

The price includes:

  • Transfer Novosibirsk-Aktru-Novosibirsk.
  • Accommodation in warm houses.
  • Meals in the canteen – 3 times, a dry ration for climbing (high-altitude ration)
  • The training course, tests, exam on search and rescue operations in small group.
  • Mountaineering insurance in the amount of $ 35,000 (Soglasie – E)

The price does not include:

  • Food on the road
  • Rental of personal and public equipment
  • Bath 8-10 people – 1500 rubles per hour

“FAIS NSO” conducts a training module consisting of:

  • School of ice training – “Basic techniques of movement on snow and ice relief”;
  • Search and rescue operations trainings in small group;
  • Avalanche training.
  • Theoretical and practical classes.

After successful training in the Search and rescue program, a small group will issue a certificate of the established sample (FAR) .

NP-1, NP-2 and SP groups will be also formed for training according to the improvement stage.

instructors Our instructors:

Makarov Oleg Nikolaevich

Ice module

Candidate master of sports in mountaineering, instructor-methodologist of the 2 category in mountaineering, climbing judge of all-Russian category.

Volichenko Sergey Konstantinovich

Avalanche module

Master of sports, instructor-methodist 2 category, trainer of the Central school of instructors (Irkutsk)

Cherdantsev Alexey Igorevich

Instructor of groups NP-1, NP-2

1 sports category in mountaineering, instructor-methodist of the 3 category

Pintusov Anton Nikolaevich

Avalanche module

1 sports category in mountaineering, instructor-methodist of the 3 category

Sergeyev Victor Platonovich

Search and rescue operations trainings in small group

Master of sports in mountaineering, international class lifeguard, instructor-methodist of the 2 category, judge of the 1st category in mountaineering
The educational process consists of four programs:
1. Basic techniques of movement on snow-ice relief:

Organisation of protection points and stations on the snow, moving together on the snow-ice slope, movement on snow ridges and cornices, etc. Mastering the ice tool : Ice-Fifi, ice hammers.

The course is led by candidate master of sports in mountaineering, instructor – methodologist of the 2 cat. Makarov O. N., Novosibirsk

2. Mountain rescue work in a small group:

The strategy and tactics, recommended knots in the rescue work, organisation and working with polyspast systems, the organisation of the ascent of the victim, accompanying work on difficult terrain, etc., passing tests and getting certificate of FAR.

The course is led by master of sports in mountaineering, instructor-methodologist of the 2 category Sergeev V. P., Rubtsovsk – trainer of Central school of instructors.

3. Avalanche classes:

(a) special equipment,

(b) searching for the victim, first aid in case of emergency;

(c) behaviour in case of an avalanche.

Theoretical (presentations) and practical classes on the terrain.

The course is led by master of sports in mountaineering, instructor-methodologist of the 2 category Volichenko, S. K., Irkutsk – trainer of Central school of instructors.

4. Theoretical and practical classes: 

Programs of developing mountaineering skills in NP-1, NP-2 and SP groups, training and climbing are led by instructor-methodist of the 3 category, 1 sports category Cherdantsev A. I., Novosibirsk.

caution Contact us:

+7961-229-29-29 ,+7913-475-61-69 —Oleg Makarov

+7903-999-27-07 — Natalia Sulzhenko

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